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The National Parent Forum of Scotland has produced a number of short, helpful publications which explain aspects of the Curriculum for Excellence.

The Assessment publication (attached) explains what Unit Assessments, Added Value Unit (or AVU) Assessments and Course Assessments for National courses are.  It also explains about Reassessment and Results.

The Progression publication (attached) provides a diagram showing how the different qualifications (Nat 4, Nat 5, Higher, Advanced Higher) fit into your child's learning progression.

A full list of their Curriculum publications, which can be downloaded for free, is at:


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Download this file (nutshells_assessment_E.pdf)Assessment Assessment973 kB08 Dec 17 16:09
Download this file (nutshells_progression_E-1.pdf)ProgressionProgression402 kB08 Dec 17 16:18

The National Parent Forum for Scotland has produced some useful one page summaries of National 4, 5 and Higher courses which are free to download from their website:

For Highers:

For National 5 courses:

For National 4 courses:

Attached are some examples, covering Higher English, National 5 Physics and National 4 Maths.

"Our Nutshell Series gives the key facts about National Qualifications... including the details of course assessment. The nutshell will explain what your child will learn in the course and what his or her experience will be."

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Download this file (nutshells_highers_english_E2.pdf)Higher English in a NutshellHigher English in a Nutshell600 kB08 Dec 17 15:12
Download this file (nutshells_physics_N5_E.pdf)National 5 Physics in a NutshellNat 5 Physics in a Nutshell411 kB08 Dec 17 15:17
Download this file (nutshell_mathematics_N4_E.pdf)National 4 Maths in a NutshellNat 4 Maths in a Nutshell141 kB08 Dec 17 15:17