It's easy to activate an account and start paying for school meals, trips and other items online.


Look out for a letter containing activation details,  if you haven't received one, contact the school office, then follow the instructions in the letter.


Once you are up and running you can:


View your balance, top up online with debit or credit card, set up a standing order or faster payment* or pay by cash through PayPoint.


Get alerted by text or email if your balance gets low or when you have something new you can pay for like a school trip or out of school clubs, lessons or other activities.


Request daily spend limits, your school can set a sensible daily limit so your child can only spend what you’re aware of - especially useful in a secondary school canteen. 


Payments are received safely by the school, meaning you do not have to send your child to school with cash again, money doesn't get lost and is spent on its intended purpose.


Login to your account at