200 Club News

Welcome to our 200 CLUB! We’ve decided to try something new as a means of raising money for the school.  No more baking, buying or sponsoring – this is an easy way for you to support the school whilst having the chance to win a cash prize! Here’s how it works…

You complete and sign the attached membership form and Standing Order mandate for £2 a month (or £24 annually).

This buys you one membership number (we will allocate), which enters you into the monthly draw. All participants must be over 16.  You are welcome to buy more than one number – each number costs £2 per month / £24 per year.

The draw will be made by the Head Teacher (or their representative) at the Parent Council meeting each month usually held on the first Wednesday of the month, in the presence of all PC members in attendance, or at an appropriate staff meeting, if no Parent Council meeting scheduled. For the months of July and August, no draw will be made.

If you win, a cheque will be posted to your home address and the name of the winners published in the school’s Heads Up bulletin and on Facebook.



% of monthly income

Assuming 200 numbers sold

September, October, November, January, February, March, April and May

1st prize of 20%

2nd prize of 10%

3rd prize of 5%

1st prize = £80

2nd prize = £40

3rd prize = £20

June and December

1st prize of 50%

2nd prize of 25%

3rd prize of 15%

1st prize = £200

2nd prize = £100

3rd prize = £60

July and August

No draw



The remaining income goes to the school to help fund equipment, resources and opportunities for pupils.  At the start of each academic year, we will publish more specific details of what funds will go towards in that year.

 Any queries, please contact the school Office.


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Winners in the February draw were:

1st prize: Tina Robertson (no 44)

2nd prize: Douglas Archibald (no 25)

3rd prize: John McEwen (no 39)

Winners in the bonus 200 Club draw for June 2018 were:

1st prize: Morag Mazzoni (number 9)

2nd prize: Douglas Archibald (number 25)

3rd prize: Ian Sinclair (number 32)

Winners in the April 200 club draw were:

1st prize: John Hadlow - number 5

2nd prize: Lisa Scott - number 36

3rd prize: Avril Hamilton - number 8


and in the May 200 Club draw were:

1st prize: Maureen McLachlan - number 22

2nd prize: Clare Jack - number 30

3rd prize: Emma McDevitt - number 11


Winners in the March 200 club draw were:

1st prize: Lesley Thomson - number 21

2nd prize: John McEwen - number 39

3rd prize: Morag Mazzoni - number 9

Winners in the February 200 club draw were:

1st prize: John McEwen - number 39

2nd prize: John Clarke - number 37

3rd prize: Livvy Cawthorn - number 34

January 200 Club winners:

1st prize: Lesley Thomson - number 21

2nd prize: Sandra Dewar - number 19

3rd prize: Alexandra Watson - number 38

December 200 Club winners:

1st prize: Nick Boyce - number 33

2nd prize: James McDevitt - number 12

3rd prize: Lisa Scott - number 36