Technologies Faculty

The Technologies Faculty consists of three departments, namely Business Studies, Computer Education and Design & Technology.  There are five members of teaching staff in the Technologies Faculty as well as a Design & Technology Technician.


The Technologies Faculty offers a wide range of courses including Business Management, Computing Science, Graphic Communication, Practical Metalworking and Practical Woodworking.   For more detailed information on the courses offered by the Technologies Faculty, please see the individual department pages.


The Technologies Faculty is committed to offering our students the most up-to-date learning experiences delivered in a supportive environment.  A wide range of course material and revision support can be found on the department pages on GLOW.  Students can also access extra support at lunchtimes by making individual arrangements with teachers or by attending the regular lunchtime drop-in sessions.


Business Studies

Courses offered to students by the Business Studies Department are as follows:

  • S1 Business
  • S2 Business
  • National 4 Business
  • National 5 Business Management
  • Higher Business Management


Computer Education

Courses offered to students by the Computer Education Department are as follows:

  • S1 Computing Science
  • S2 Computing Science
  • S3 Computing Science
  • National 4 Computing Science
  • National 5 Computing Science
  • Higher Computing Science


Design & Technology

Courses offered to students by the Design & Technology Department are as follows:

  • S1 Design & Technology
  • S2 Design & Technology
  • S3 Practical Craft Skills
  • S3 Graphic Communication
  • National 4 Graphic Communication
  • National 5 Graphic Communication
  • Higher Graphic Communication
  • Advanced Higher Graphic Communication
  • National 4 Practical Metalworking
  • National 5 Practical Metalworking
  • National 4 Practical Woodworking
  • National 5 Practical Woodworking


The Health and Safety of our students is of paramount importance to the Design & Technology Department.  The following is a link to the Department’s Safety in the Workshop Policy:



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