Social Subjects


Through Social studies, children and young people develop their understanding of the world by learning about other people and their values, in different times, places and circumstances; they also develop their understanding of their environment and of how it has been shaped (Curriculum for Excellence). Within the Social Subjects faculty we work to ensure that the young people experience an enriched curriculum. All of the teachers within the faculty take an equal role in the delivery of Social Subjects from S1-S3. 


S1 & S2 Social Subjects Course


In S1-2, Geography, History, RMPS and Modern Studies are combined and taught as a Social Subjects course by one teacher. Units studied cover Curriculum for Excellence experiences and outcomes 3 and 4. A range of units are studied, that last between 3-6 weeks and provide a broad in-depth learning experience.  These include:


ü  Identity

ü  Climate

ü  Scotland and the Borders

ü  Marvels and Mysteries

ü  Scottish and British Government

ü  Japan 

ü  Titanic

ü  Philosophy for Children

ü  Nepal

ü  The USA

ü  Slave Trade

ü  World Regions

ü  Globalisation

ü  American West

ü  Map Skills




The department has two members of staff. The main aim of the department is to encourage a lifelong interest in the world in which we live.


S3 Students follow the new course developed for Curriculum for Excellence. The units of work which are studied include:

·         Geography in the media

·         World Issues

·         Population with AVU (compare MEDC and LEDC)

·         Geography and crime

·         Natural Hazards

All units are current, relevant and use local and global examples.



S4 Students will follow the National 4/5 curriculum. The course consists of 4 units:


·    The Physical Environment

·    Human Environment

·    Global Issues

·    Added Value Unit


Each unit examines different case studies across the globe and provides the students with a wide range of skills and knowledge which will prepare them for the wider world of higher education and work.


S5 & S6 Students can study National 4/5, Higher and Advanced Higher.


The Higher and the National courses cover 4 main themes:

·    Human Environment

·    Physical Environment

·    Environmental Interactions/Global Issues

·    Added Value Unit



The Department has a programme of practical work and fieldwork at all levels. National pupils will take part the Berwick trip whilst Higher and Advanced Higher students have the opportunity to take part in a residential field trip to the Lake District.




The department has three members of staff. The main aim of the Department is to encourage a lifelong interest in History.



S3 students follow the new course developed for Curriculum for Excellence. The units studied in the course include:

·         Great War

·         Free at Last

·         Conflict Flashpoints

·         Research Project 



S4 students will follow the National 4/5 curriculum. The units studied in the course include:

·    Migration and Empire 1830-1939

·    Red Flag: Lenin and the Russian Revolution 1894-1921

·    Making of Modern Britain 1180-1951

·    Added Value Unit




S5/S6 students can study National 4/5, Higher or Advanced Higher History.


In Higher the units studied include:

·    Scotland and the Impact of the Great War (S5-6 pupils will get the opportunity to go to the Battlefields of France)

·    Appeasement

·    Britain 1851 -1951

·    Added Value Unit


Religious Studies


The department has one member of staff and other members of the faculty take a role in the delivery of the Religious Studies Curriculum S1-S3.  S1-2 Religious Studies is incorporated into the Social Subjects curriculum, while S3 RMPS is delivered in one stand-alone period.  This is an SVQF 4 on Moral Issues.


There is also an additional option of S3 Discreet RMPS – which is a National 4 award.


Parents have a statutory right to withdraw their children from Religious Observance and Religious and Moral Education. Please note that all students remain in the class but do not follow the coursework.


If parents wish to withdraw a child they should inform the Headteacher in writing. A more detailed statement of what is taught in Religious and Moral Education and how it is taught is available to parents on application to the school. The Headteacher will always be pleased to discuss school policy if approached.



The option to study Religious Moral and Philosophical Studies as a discreet topic in S3 includes the following topics. 


There will be three units composing of:

·    The existence of God

·    Miracles

·    Judaism

·    The Added Value Unit




S4-S6 National and Higher Religious Studies courses are offered to students in the form of one National 4/5 class and a separate Higher Class.   The courses will appeal to those with an enquiring mind and an interest in people, culture and ethics. The units covered in the course include:


·    World Religion

·    Origins of Life

·    Medical Ethics

·    Added Value Unit




S4-6 pupils will have additional option of studying Travel and Tourism.  This course is designed to prepare pupils for the world of work in the travel and tourism industry as well as equipping pupils with skills for life and work. 

The course is delivered at National 4/5 level and comprises of 4 units:

·    Employability

·    Customer Service

·    Scotland

·    UK and World Wide


As part of the course requirements pupils have to undertake work experience.  This can be through any form of work placement.  If pupils fail to complete the work placement they will not achieve the full award and only receive unit passes.



Alongside the extensive day trips the Faculty offers, Social Subjects also offer an extensive range of residential trips across the school years.  These include:


The S2 York Trip

A 4 day trip to York where pupils get to experience a range of activities such as the York Dungeons, Eden Camp, Flamingo Land to name but a few!


The S3 London Trip

A 4 day trip to London where pupils get to experience a range of activities such as the London Dungeons, Thrope Park, London Zoo, London Tower Experience to name but a few!


The Social Subjects WW1 Battlefields Trip

A 5 day trip to France and Belgium to visit some of the most famous battlefields of WW1 including; Loos, the Somme, Hill 60 and many, many more!


And new to 2019 - The Senior Italy Trip




Revision and Support

There are no ‘official’ revision / study clubs but pupils are encouraged that if they need help to come and see their class teacher at lunchtime or after school.  It is important that they arrange a time to see the teacher to avoid disappointment! 


Easter School

All departments offer both National and Higher Easter School days.  All pupils are encouraged to attend. 



All resources are stored on GLOW.  Many of the classes also use EDMODO.  This is a digital classroom where pupils can submit work, get access to resources, ask teachers questions and get weekly updates of work.  Parents can also join and help us support your child’s learning.   All teachers provide pupils with their email address so if they need to ask a question or submit work they can just send an email!