Pupil Support

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Support for Learning

Teaching Staff

Kathy Huffman PT Pupil Support (maternity leave)

Karen Cuthers Acting PT Pupil Support

Pauline Grant

Jack Tennent


Learning Assistants

Audrey Cruickshank

Susan Shiel

Deeon Hills

Rachel Laing

Michelle Smith

Fiona Bell

Dougal Aitken

John Connor

Irene Trace



  • To support colleagues in implementing the school policy on Additional Support for Learning.
  • To provide appropriate support to individual students, both in subject classes and in tutorial settings as appropriate. To ensure that the effects of learning difficulties and social and emotional issues are minimised and to offer specialised teaching programmes to develop necessary language and learning skills.
  • To promote understanding of additional support needs throughout the school and to work closely with other colleagues in developing effective teaching and learning approaches for pupils with additional support needs.
  • To work closely with colleagues to identify and implement assessment strategies and ensure that the results are reported to parents.
  • To involve parents in the planning of their children’s progression throughout secondary school.





Regular wellbeing meetings take place in school involving support staff and partner agencies to discuss pupils who have Additional Support Needs and to plan appropriate supports and interventions. This is part of our commitment to Getting it Right for Every Child and parents are fully consulted during this process.  Parents and carers may request an additional needs assessment by contacting the school in the first instance. 


Support for Learning Classrooms

We have recently undergone a restructuring and the focus of our three Support for Learning classrooms is now as follows:


Room LC6, Broad General Education, Karen Cuthers

This class will be a focused intervention for children from S1-S3.


Room LC5, Senior Phase, Pauline Grant

This class will be a focused intervention for children from S4-S6.


Room LC4, All Years, Jack Tennent

We are consulting our students to help us name for this room.

This class will be a short-term, focused intervention for children with particular social, emotional and behavioural difficulties which are creating a barrier to learning within a mainstream class.

The focus will be to assess learning and social and emotional needs and give help that is needed to remove the barriers to learning.

The aim will be to reintegrate young people back into main stream classes when they are ready to do so.